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Simple Pricing

Only pay for what you need when you need it. No long-term contracts.

Basic Standard Advanced
Pricing $150 setup
$ 100
$375 setup
$ 375
$1,500 setup
$ 1,000
Bidding Platform
Timed Online Auctions
Online-only auctions where users compete with one another to place the winning bid before time runs out.
Blind Auctions
Timed online auctions where users are only told whether their bid is the highest or not.
Simulcast Auctions
Enable streaming audio-video and live/online bidding for live auctions with a dedicated clerking console.
Catalog Only
Host an item catalog with rich descriptions and pictures for auctions that happen entirely offline.
Past Auctions
Let visitors search and browse the results of your past auctions.
SMS Notifications

Additional usage fees apply.

Allow users to opt-in to receive text message notifications for outbid notices and auction alerts. Additional usage fees apply.
Auction Management
Auctioneer Toolbox
A mobile application that allows admin users to catalog auction items and manage the pickup process once the sale is over.
Consignor Management
Upload contracts, manage consignor accounts, commissions, consignor statements, different permission levels
Invoice Auto-Pay
Allow your users to enroll in an auto-pay program that automatically charges their credit card for new auction invoices.
Batch Invoice Actions
When you want to work with multiple invoices from a single auction, for example paying or printing them all at once.
Basic Shipping
Custom Fees
Create custom fees that will be added to buyer invoices and consignor statements. Custom fees can be a fixed amount or percentage-based. They can be considered taxable or not.
Watermark Photos
A watermark is a message superimposed onto item images, with a great deal of transparency.
Clover Connect
Use your merchant services account from Clover Connect to process credit card transactions on your website.
Alternative Gateways
Use Stripe, eWay, or payment gateways to process credit card transactions on your website.
Private Domain
Your website hosted on your own private domain. Example:
Private Branding
Privately branded websites do not display the AuctionMethod attribution link in page footers.
MailChimp Integration
Let users subscribe to one or more email mailing lists(s) and manage their subscriptions.
Content Management
Create website pages and manage their menu placement.
Email Relay

These price plans are based on the features that are enabled.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions people usually ask us before they sign up for a subscription.