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Here are three distinct auction software solutions, each designed to suit different business models. Whether you're a startup, overseeing a large-scale commercial auction company, or managing a small charity auction, we have a software package that fits your needs.


Ideal for Startups & Small Businesses


per month

After a one-time activation fee of $150. Read more about StableBid pricing and available add-ons.


The Ultimate Customizable Solution


per month

After a one-time activation fee of $1,500, which includes 10 hours of software development services. Learn more.


Empowering Nonprofits


per month

After a one-time activation fee of $1,000. For qualified nonprofits only. Learn more and apply for UpliftBid.

No Hidden Fees

We do not charge per-auction or per-item fees. We do not take a cut of your commissions. Pricing is completely transparent.

No Limits

Conduct as many auctions as you want, with as many items as you have, using as many pictures as you can, for as much money as you can get.

No Commitments

You do not have to sign a long-term contract in order to receive our services. We are confident that you will want to stick around because of the value.


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