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Standard service costs $100/month after a one-time setup fee of $150.



Bidding Platform                

  • Timed Online Auctions
  • Catalog-Only Listings
  • Blind Bidding
  • Dynamic Closing View
  • Staggered & Group Closing
  • Custom Bid Increments
  • Bid Amount x Quantity
  • My Favorites and My Bids
  • Bid Confirmation Options
  • Unlimited Lots with Pictures,
    Documents & Videos
  • Real-Time Dynamic Auto-Updating




Auction Management    


  • Bulk Lot Uploads & Editing
  • Image-Based Data Entry
  • Auction Templates
  • Remove, Retract, and Reset Bids
  • Require Approval to Bid
  • Ban Bad Bidders
  • Custom Categories
  • Easy Relisting Process
  • Image Editor & Watermarks
  • Track Pickups & Basic Shipping



Invoicing & Payments    


  • Clover Credit Card Payments
  • Feature-Rich Invoicing System
  • Sales Tax Management
  • Reseller Exemption Automation
  • Dedicated Buyer's Premium Handling
  • Optional Automatic Invoice Generation & Emailing
  • Comprehensive Financial Reporting & Export Options



Hosted Website             

  • Site Settings Management
  • Custom Static Pages & Menu Control
  • Multipart Multimedia Promotional Slider
  • Integrated MailChimp Mailing List
  • Username or Numeric ID for Bidders
  • Bidder Qualification with Email & Credit Cards
  • Multiple Time Zone Support
  • Optional GDPR compliance
  • Forgot Password Reset
  • Admin User Role Permission Control
  • IP/User Agent Tracking




  • Two Software Training Sessions
  • Technical Support
    Available Monday - Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM, US Eastern Time
  • Status Page with Subscription Option
  • 24x7 System Uptime & Performance Monitoring


 Simulcast Auctions With Streaming Audio/Video

Enable streaming audio-video and live/online bidding for live auctions with a dedicated clerking console.

$250 / month
$750 activation

 Consignor Management
Enables consignor users. Upload contracts, manage consignor accounts, commissions, consignor statements, and set different permission levels for consignors.
$50 / month
$0.00 activation
 Auctioneer Toolbox App
A mobile application that allows admin users to catalog auction items and manage the pickup process once the sale is over.
Available on Android and iOS.
$0.00 / month
$100 activation
 SMS Notifications
Allow users to opt-in to receive text message notifications for outbid notices and auction alerts. Additional usage fees apply.
$25 / month
$75 activation
  Invoice Auto-Pay
Auto-pay all bidder invoices on your site, or allow your bidders to enroll in an auto-pay program that automatically charges their credit card for new auction invoices.
$50 / month
$50 activation
 Invoice Batch Actions
Allows you to edit multiple invoices from a single auction. For example, paying or printing a selection of invoices all at once.
$50 / month
$25 activation
 Custom Fees
Create custom fees that can be added to buyer invoices and consignor statements. Custom fees can be a fixed amount or percentage-based. They can be considered taxable or not.
$50 / month
$25 activation
   Alternate Credit Card Gateways
Clover Credit Card Payments is included with standard service.
If you prefer to use Stripe, eWay, or payment gateways with your choice of merchant services to process credit card transactions on your website, then this option is for you.
$175 / month
$275 activation
   Private Branding
Privately branded websites do not display the AuctionMethod attribution link in page footers.
$100 / month
$25 activation
  MailChimp Integration
Allows users to subscribe to one or more of your email mailing lists from your site, and manage their subscriptions. You must have a MailChimp account and use it to create your mailing lists.
$50 / month
$25 activation
  Email Relay

Allows you to use an email address like for your communication with users. These emails will be relayed to your main email address.

$25 / month
$50 activation

  Past Auctions Page

Allows visitors to search and browse the results of your past auctions.

$50 / month
$0.00 activation



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