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Revolutionize Your Auction Business

For 10 years AuctionMethod has provided software solutions and development services for the auction industry.

During that time, we have helped with countless customizations, listened to feedback, and feverishly worked to build and support the best software platform possible for modern auctioneers.

Streamlined Process

AuctionMethod's software simplifies and automates various aspects of the auction process, saving time and reducing the risk of human error.

Customizable Solutions

We offer tailored software solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each client's auction business, ensuring maximum flexibility and adaptability.


The software easily accommodates an expanding customer base and an increasing number of auctions without compromising performance or efficiency.

Enhanced User Experience

The software provides an intuitive, responsive interface that ensures a seamless experience for both auctioneers and bidders across various devices.

Robust Security

AuctionMethod prioritizes data security and privacy, employing cutting-edge security measures and protocols to safeguard sensitive information and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Expert Support & Consultation

Our team of industry professionals provides dedicated support and consultation services, ensuring a smooth implementation and ongoing assistance to maximize the potential of your auction business.


The Ideal Solution for Startups & Small Businesses

StableBid is the perfect choice for those looking for a stable, reliable, and efficient auction platform with a comprehensive suite of optional features. It offers an easy-to-use, feature-rich SaaS platform that simplifies auction management without the need for extensive customization.

This robust solution includes a fully-hosted online auction website, powerful management software, and an innovative bidding platform, allowing you to focus on growing your business while we handle the technical aspects.


Computer monitor and mobile devices display auction interface


The Ultimate Customizable Solution

This solution is the go-to choice for auction businesses in need of extensive customization and seamless integration with other software applications. Designed for those with unique requirements that go beyond the scope of standard auction platforms, AdaptaBid allows you to utilize our software development service to create a truly personalized auction management system that aligns with your business objectives and operational processes.


AdaptaBid product image with imagery of auction interfaces


Empowering Nonprofits with Accessible Solutions

UpliftBid is the perfect solution for nonprofit organizations seeking a powerful and feature-rich auction platform without the financial burden. Specifically designed for qualified nonprofits, this solution offers the same reliable and efficient functionality as our other software solutions, but on a no-cost or low-cost basis, ensuring that your organization can maximize its resources and impact.

Our mission with UpliftBid is to empower nonprofits by providing them with the tools and technology they need to effectively manage their auctions and fundraising events.


Graphic showing people working together and a crowd of bidders

Software Development

Custom-Built Software Solutions

Whether you're an AdaptaBid client seeking further customization or a business looking to develop a custom auction solution from the ground up, our Software Development Services offer unparalleled flexibility and control over your auction management system. From integrating with third-party APIs and legacy applications to creating mobile apps, custom reports, unique website designs, and specialized bidding algorithms, we can help you bring your vision to life.


Software development product image with icons popping out of a laptop screen
I was aiming to create a highly-customized B2B platform for pharmaceutical inventory and I needed a reliable partner to bring my vision to life. AuctionMethod's team collaborated closely with me, understanding my unique requirements and building a tailor-made solution that has changed the way many pharmacies manage their overstock. I am so grateful for AuctionMethod's unwavering support throughout the whole process.
David H.
We started using StableBid for our small auction business and it has been a game changer. The platform is incredibly user-friendly and has made managing our auctions so much easier. With the powerful features and exceptional support from the AuctionMethod team, we've seen our business grow significantly. We couldn't be happier with our choice to use StableBid!
Jane S.
Owner, Estate Liquidation Service
As a real estate broker who occasionally sells properties at auction, StableBid has been an invaluable asset. The platform is easy to navigate, and the built-in management tools have streamlined our auction processes. With the reliable support from AuctionMethod, we've successfully expanded our service offerings and attracted new clients. StableBid is truly a remarkable tool for our business!
Mark T.
Real Estate Broker
I work as the IT Director for a national truck and trailer auction company. I needed a solution that could integrate seamlessly with our legacy system and incorporate a custom website design. AdaptaBid exceeded our expectations, providing the perfect blend of powerful features and customization options. The AuctionMethod team expertly handled the integration process, and their ongoing support has been dependable.
Bradley M.
IT Director
I was looking to modernize our scrap metal recycling programs and needed a platform that could support custom bidding algorithms and specialized workflows for our competitive bidding process. AuctionMethod's AdaptaBid delivered exactly what we needed. We got a tailored solution that has significantly improved our efficiency and customer experience. They are an indispensable part of our operation.
Kevin M.
Owner, Scrap Metal Management Company
We run a nonprofit dedicated to providing mental health services to underprivileged individuals. Our annual auction event is crucial to our mission. UpliftBid has been a true blessing, offering their incredible platform at no cost to our organization. With UpliftBid, we've been able to streamline our event management and maximize our fundraising efforts, enabling us to reach more people in need. We are incredibly grateful for the support and generosity of the UpliftBid team.
Stephanie R.
Fundraising Director
We needed an auction platform capable of supporting numerous independent franchisees, each with unique branding and management needs. AdaptaBid has been the perfect fit. The platform's customization options have made it super simple for us to set up new franchisees and for them to operate independently. AuctionMethod's dedication and expertise have played a big role in our success, and we couldn't be more pleased with them.
James G.
Franchise Operator

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