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StableBid is more than just auction software. It's a comprehensive solution that gives your business the stability and efficiency it needs to grow and succeed in the competitive auction industry. Tailored to meet the demands of startups, small-to-medium sized auction businesses, estate liquidators, and real estate brokers, StableBid offers an easy-to-use, feature-rich software platform that simplifies auction management without the need for extensive customization.



Key Benefits

Fully-Hosted Online Auction Website

Experience the bliss of a hassle-free, fully-hosted online auction website. StableBid eliminates technical complications, enabling you to quickly and efficiently set up your auction platform. The burden of maintenance and the stress of potential downtime are things of the past, freeing you to focus on running your business.

Powerful Auction Management Software

StableBid brings the power of a comprehensive auction management system to your fingertips. Cataloging auction lots, managing bidder registration, orchestrating bidding processes, and generating final reports are seamlessly handled. This means your time and energy can be spent on strategy and growth, not on administrative tasks.

Innovative Bidding Platform

Welcome to an advanced, reliable, and user-friendly bidding platform. StableBid enhances the auction experience for your customers, encouraging higher participation and engagement. It's a leap forward in the auction world that ensures your auctions are a modern, interactive experience.


StableBid offers a multitude of customization options and add-ons to adapt your auction management system to fit your exact business needs. Whether it's branding elements or specific functional requirements, StableBid's flexibility allows you to create a platform that mirrors your business ethos and serves your operational needs.

Affordable Pricing

At AuctionMethod, we are committed to empowering small businesses and startups with solutions that are not just advanced, but also affordable. Enjoy our transparent, cost-effective pricing with no hidden charges. With StableBid, you're investing in your business growth without draining your resources.

Technical Support

We stand by you, always ready to assist. Our dedicated technical support team ensures your auctions run smoothly and efficiently. Be it resolving technical glitches or answering operational queries, we are here to ensure your success. With StableBid, you're never alone in your auction journey.

For more details about the system's capabilities, check out the comprehensive software feature list.


What's the difference between StableBid and AdaptaBid?

StableBid and AdaptaBid share the same software features. The underlying technology and infrastructure used for them are different. StableBid is flexible with many options, but it cannot be modified in order to meet particular needs. The AdaptaBid platform is completely customizable. 



Activation: $150


Optional Add-Ons Available:


Get access to our technical support staff Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM (US Eastern Time).

$300 / month
$100 activation

 Simulcast Auctions With Streaming Audio/Video

Enable streaming audio-video and live/online bidding for live auctions with a dedicated clerking console.

$250 / month
$750 activation

 Consignor Management
Enables consignor users. Upload contracts, manage consignor accounts, commissions, consignor statements, and set different permission levels for consignors.
$50 / month
$0.00 activation
 Auctioneer Toolbox App
A mobile application that allows admin users to catalog auction items and manage the pickup process once the sale is over. Available on Android and iOS.
$0.00 / month
0$100 activation
 SMS Notifications
Allow users to opt-in to receive text message notifications for outbid notices and auction alerts. Additional usage fees apply.
$25 / month
$75 activation
  Invoice Auto-Pay
Auto-pay all bidder invoices on your site, or allow your bidders to enroll in an auto-pay program that automatically charges their credit card for new auction invoices. This is an optional add-on for the invoicing system that comes with the software.
 $50 / month
$50 activation
 Invoice Batch Actions
Allows you to edit multiple invoices from a single auction. For example, paying or printing a selection of invoices all at once. This is an optional add-on for the invoicing system that comes with the software.
$50 / month
$25 activation
 Custom Fees
Create custom fees that can be added to buyer invoices and consignor statements. Custom fees can be a fixed amount or percentage-based. They can be considered taxable or not.
$50 / month
$25 activation
   non-preferred payment processors
If you prefer to use Stripe, eWay, or payment gateways with your choice of merchant services to process credit card transactions on your website, then this option is for you.
$175 / month
$275 activation
   Private Branding
Privately branded websites do not display the AuctionMethod attribution link in page footers.
$100 / month
$25 activation
  Mailing list Integration
Allows users to subscribe to one or more of your email mailing lists from your site, and manage their subscriptions. You must have an account with either MailChimp or Constant Contact and use it to create your mailing lists.
$50 / month
$25 activation
  Past Auctions Page

Allows visitors to search and browse the results of your past auctions.

$50 / month
$0.00 activation



Yellow and Red Retro Special Offer Instagram Post-1StableBid Plus Package

Special offer includes:

- Option to migrate data from another source
- No activation fee for add-ons
- No monthly service fee for add-ons
- Service-level agreement for technical support
- Enroll in beta-testing program for new features 


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