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Event Types


Creating Events

With AuctionMethod's software, creating a new event for your marketplace has never been more efficient and effortless. Our platform offers timesaving workflows and tools, such as event templates, which eliminate repetitive tasks and streamline the process of setting up auctions. The intuitive interface makes it simple to understand and control all the settings, ensuring smooth event management.

In addition, our built-in error-checking features help prevent potential issues, providing a seamless experience for auction administrators. With AuctionMethod, you can enjoy a hassle-free process of creating and managing events, leaving you and your auction administrators delighted and free to focus on what matters most – growing your business and maximizing auction success.

Want to highlight your events and engage your audience with your multimedia capabilities? An incredible slideshow tool seamlessly showcases images and videos, while incorporating dynamic auction and lot information for a truly immersive experience. Use it and watch your bidders' interest soar to new heights!

Managing Lots

Our software platform makes managing auction lots and items for sale a breeze. With multiple data-entry methods at your disposal, you can easily create and update your auction listings. Powerful web-based tools, our dedicated mobile app "The Auctioneer's Toolbox," and file-import options for bulk additions ensure that you have a flexible and efficient way to manage your auction inventory.

Uploading pictures, embedding videos, and adding documents is a straightforward process, while the platform's user-friendly interface makes editing items, including batch-editing, a seamless experience. There are built-in image-editing options, allowing you to enhance and optimize your visuals for an engaging auction presentation. AuctionMethod also provides convenient options to move, copy, and download lots, ensuring that managing your auction inventory is both efficient and effective.

During the Event

During an auction event or fixed-price sale, the AuctionMethod platform ensures smooth and efficient administration, allowing real-time management of the marketplace. As administrators make changes to the schedule or event settings, these updates are instantly reflected to the users, maintaining transparency and accuracy throughout the process.

Automated alerts, including auction closing notifications and outbid notices, are sent via email and text messages based on users' communication preferences. This keeps bidders engaged and informed about the auction's progress. Administrators also have the ability to filter users by various criteria and send custom notifications, ensuring effective and targeted communication.

In situations where bid retraction is necessary, administrators can easily retract bids and communicate new bid status updates to affected bidders, maintaining a fair and transparent bidding environment. To keep a close eye on auction progress, administrators can access detailed auction status information and statistics, giving them valuable insights into the event's performance.

With the flexibility to generate invoices at any time, bidders can make their payments promptly without waiting for the auction to end. This streamlines the payment process and enhances user satisfaction.

For simulcast auction events, AuctionMethod offers a robust audio-video streaming solution and a powerful clerking console to efficiently manage bids and bidders. This ensures a seamless and engaging auction experience for both administrators and participants alike.

After the Event

After an auction event has ended or a fixed-price transaction is completed, AuctionMethod's platform streamlines the administration process with a range of advanced features designed to enhance efficiency and user satisfaction. 

The platform boasts an incredibly flexible invoicing solution, complete with an array of advanced features such as reseller sales tax handling, comprehensive error-checking, recovery options, and detailed logging of all invoice activities. The invoicing system can be further optimized through various levels of automation, ensuring a smooth and efficient billing experience.

During the checkout process, the removal or shipping of purchases is made easy with features like removal scheduling, a checkout-tool in The Auctioneer's Toolbox mobile application, and removal authorization forms for buyer-releases. This simplifies the process for both buyers and administrators, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

To help administrators stay on top of their auctions, the software offers comprehensive reports covering a wide range of data, including accounts receivable, sales tax, invoice summaries, deposits, bidder expenses, and more. These reports can be easily filtered and exported, providing valuable insights to support effective decision-making and auction management.

With AuctionMethod's platform, managing the post-auction process is not only simple but also efficient, ensuring a superior experience for administrators and buyers alike.

User Experience

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For Bidders

The AuctionMethod software platform delivers a top-notch, immersive experience for bidders, making auction participation seamless and enjoyable. Bidders can easily and securely register a new account, ensuring their personal information is protected throughout the process.

With a responsive web design and visually appealing, easy-to-navigate interface, users can effortlessly browse auction catalogs, place bids, and add items to their favorites for a personalized watch list. Tracking bidding activity is simple, thanks to the platform's organized layout and clear presentation of information.

Real-time updates, along with email and text notifications, ensure that bidders stay informed and engaged throughout the auction process. They can receive outbid alerts, auction reminders, and updates on their favorite items, so they never miss an opportunity to participate in the auctions that matter most to them.

Additionally, AuctionMethod's platform supports various auction formats, such as timed online auctions, simulcast auctions, and fixed-price sales, providing a versatile and comprehensive bidding experience. The platform's search and filtering options allow bidders to easily find and explore items of interest, while its responsive design ensures a smooth experience across devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Furthermore, AuctionMethod's software integrates with secure payment gateways, offering bidders a safe and convenient way to complete their transactions. The platform also provides a dedicated user dashboard, where bidders can review their bidding history, manage invoices, and update their account information.

Overall, our software platform is designed to create a rich and user-friendly experience for bidders, ensuring that they enjoy an engaging and satisfying auction experience from start to finish.

For Consignors

The AuctionMethod software platform provides a tailored and comprehensive experience for consignors, ensuring they have full control and visibility over their consigned items. Based on their account privileges, consignors can access various features and tools designed specifically to meet their unique needs.

The software allows consignors to access detailed consignor statements, providing them with transparent and accurate financial information. They can review the performance of their items, track commission fees, and see their overall earnings.

With the AdaptaBid product, AuctionMethod takes the consignor experience a step further by offering several other options for consignors to upload their own auction lots and to facilitate consignor-managed checkout. These features and others further empower consignors to actively participate in the auction setup process and manage their inventory more efficiently.

Overall, the AuctionMethod software platform is designed to deliver a seamless, transparent, and user-friendly experience for consignors. It provides them with the tools and information they need to make the most of their auction participation.


User Management


Managing Bidders

Efficient Administration of Bidder Accounts

Administrators are provided with a complete set of tools to effectively manage bidder accounts. These options include:

1. Viewing and managing pending registrations: Admin users can monitor and approve or decline pending registrations.

2. Editing account details: Administrators have the ability to edit bidder account information as needed, ensuring that all data is accurate and up-to-date.

3. Banning bidders and blacklisting: Admins can ban problematic bidders by adding their account to a blacklist, preventing them from logging in or re-registering on the platform.

4. Importing bidders by file upload: The platform allows administrators to import bidder information in bulk using file uploads, streamlining the onboarding process.

5. Searching, filtering, and exporting bidder lists: Admins can easily search for and filter bidder lists to find specific information, and they can export these lists for further analysis or external use.

6. Managing reseller tax exemptions: Administrators can manage tax exemptions for resellers, ensuring that the correct tax rates are applied to each transaction.

7. Adding notes to bidder accounts: Admins can add internal notes to bidder accounts, providing a means to track and record any relevant information about the bidder.

8. Deleting bidders: Administrators have the option to delete bidder accounts, removing them from the system entirely.

9. Recovering deleted accounts: In case of accidental deletion or a change of circumstances, admins can recover deleted bidder accounts, restoring them to their previous state.

10. Retracting bids: Administrators have the ability to retract bids as necessary, helping to maintain the integrity of the auction process and allowing for adjustments in case of errors or other unforeseen circumstances.

Managing Consignors

Our software offers a versatile array of consignor management options, empowering administrators to efficiently handle consignor accounts. Utilizing consignor templates, administrators can quickly create consignor accounts and define commission rates and rules. Administrators also have the ability to control bidding and buy-back privileges for each consignor, as well as generate and edit consignor statements. Additional features include the capability to blacklist consignor accounts, delete them, and recover them as needed, providing a comprehensive set of tools for seamless consignor management.


Marketplace & Software Settings


Marketplace Settings

AuctionMethod clients enjoy a wide array of options for managing marketplace settings, providing the flexibility and customization needed to optimize their auction process. These options include:

  1. Configuring payment gateway options, such as Clover,, eWay, or Stripe for processing credit card transactions on the website.
  2. Creating pickup appointment schedules for the removal process
  3. Adding, editing, and deleting item categories
  4. Adding, editing, and deleting custom fees (flat rate or percentage-based, charged to bidders or consignors, limited to specific categories)
  5. Adding, editing, and deleting tax codes
  6. Adding, editing, and deleting bid increment scales
  7. Adding, editing, and deleting commission scales
  8. Choosing user identification by username or user ID
  9. Selecting default time zones
  10. Allowing users to browse, search, and filter all items across the entire site
  11. Allowing users to browse, search, and filter past sales data and auction results
  12. Enabling a custom "Dynamic Closing View" for timed online auctions, focusing on items closing soon
  13. Requiring users to place bids in defined increments
  14. Adding credit card processing fees to consignor statements
  15. Customizing image watermarking options

With these extensive management options and others, AuctionMethod clients can tailor their marketplace to meet their specific needs and preferences.

Website Settings

Similarly, clients have a variety of options at their disposal for managing website settings. These include:

  1. Privately branded white-label website option (removes AuctionMethod footer attribution link)
  2. Customizing logo and color settings
  3. Choosing user identification by username or user ID
  4. Setting default layouts for the home page and auction catalog
  5. Configuring default number of items per page
  6. Establishing default auction sorting
  7. Customizing date format
  8. Linking company social media profiles
  9. Disabling GDPR Compliance
  10. Creating custom webpages
  11. Customizing image watermarking options

With these website management options and others, AuctionMethod clients can modify their website to look, feel, and operate the way they want.

Clients who use the AdaptaBid platform are able to use our software development services to further customize their website and extend the software functionality as needed.


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