Technical Information

A brief summary of the technology and engineering that goes into our software.

Auctions are a time-sensitive matter. To power your business, you need a stable software platform supported by a dependable infrastructure and scalable architecture. Combine that with continuous performance monitoring, responsive technical support, and innovative software development capabilities and you’ve got AuctionMethod’s holistic software service. We understand the frustration that comes with platform instability and downtime; and so we do everything we can to avoid it and respond quickly and effectively if critical issues arise. 


The proven, open source technologies we use in our software stack are Linux, MySQL, PHP, and AngularJS. We use a standard distributed / pooled configuration that is constantly monitored and programmed to fail-over in an emergency. Our platform includes Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) on the edges to quickly and reliably provide your content to your user. Deployed in a traditional three-tiered architecture, our infrastructure is provisioned via AWS cloud services with a whole lot of backup and redundancy built-in.


The custom sites we build and host feature password protected administrative and client logins by default. All passwords are salted and hashed for secure storage and to resist brute-force decryption attempts. Secure HTTPS protocol is used as default throughout the site ensuring encrypted end-to-end communication. Standard deployments include 6 levels of administrative access to allow your employees to perform their responsibilities without risk of affecting unrelated aspects of site operation. Custom user roles can be created to meet your needs for user access to administrative functions and sensitive data. All changes to financial or other critical business data are logged (e.g. invoice changes, payments, refunds, auction-delete, bid-alteration, user profile downloads) in order to provide management visibility to employee activities and to provide a fully auditable environment.


We treat your business as if it were our own. Our software has been tested and is constantly reviewed and improved to address the demands of a dynamic technological environment. We are able to offer custom development to tailor our product to the specific needs of your auction business. Whether you work with automobiles, real estate, industrial equipment, farms and agriculture, or collectibles we have the expertise and experience to build and maintain a robust online auction platform for you.