How are Live Onsite auctions supported?

There are a couple of options for doing this, including hybrid online auctions with live auction clerking and streaming audio/video broadcasting (aka “simulcast”).

Here are key features for live auctions:

  1. Public view. This is where users go to participate.
  2. Edit auction. This is where you (as a logged-in administrator) go to modify auction settings, including terms and conditions. The following form fields are related to conducting live auctions online:Type – In this case, we want a “Hybrid Simulcast” auction type.Audio/Video Feed – If you have more than one A/V feed, then you can choose which feed to use for this auction.Feed Type – Select whether you want to stream audio and video or audio only.
  3. Item List. This is where admin goes to view item stats and edits details. Items can be edited individually or in bulk.
  4. Check in Bidders. This is where admin goes to add bidders to the auction and assign paddlenumbers (if the user does not have a permanent paddle number). Admin can look up existing user accounts (by searching last name “Smith” for example). If it is a new customer, admin can create a new account and check the user in.
  5. Watch Auction. This is where the auctioneer goes to watch the clerking process. It’s designed to fit tablets and desktop computers. The auctioneer can keep track of who has the winning bid and what the current asking price is.
  6. Clerk Auction. This is where the auction clerk goes to do their job. General features include:Auto Open Lots – This will automatically open a lot for bidding after selling or passing the previous lot. Otherwise clerk clicks “OPEN” button.Pass – If a suitable bid is not received, “PASS” the lot to close bidding.Start Bid – The starting bid can be assigned during data entry. It can also be modified here before opening a lot. You may also accept a bid that was placed online prior to the live auction (when allowed) and start bidding above that amount.Choice – Select two or more items and choose this option to offer the winning bidder their choice of lots.All One Bid – Select two or more items and choose this option to sell all of the lots together for a single price.Hover over item titles to see image and full descriptionQuickly accept bids from online bidders and submit bids from live audienceUse auto increments to establish minimum bids or control increments and increment table manually.Communicate with one or more online bidders using message templates or free form message entry.

Note: The software platform is entirely web-based. To clerk a live auction using our software, and certainly to stream audio/video from a live auction, you will need an internet connection. The clerk may be located off-site, in which case they will usually receive and transmit bid information to the auctioneer via telephone.