Do invoices include special tax rules and exemptions?

Yes. Sales tax management is built into the software.

Tax rates are assigned at the item-level. You can assign a default tax rate to an auction, which will be applied to all items in the auction unless you specify otherwise. You can specify tax rates while creating or importing new lots and also through batch item-edits. Tax rates are easily modified on invoices as well.

Tax Code Management
Administrators can create and manage tax codes that include tax rates and multiple calculation options.

Tax Exemptions
Users can apply for reseller and/or dealer status in multiple states or provinces where they qualify for sales tax exemptions. Tax exemptions for qualified users can be applied automatically or manually.

Special Tax Rules
We have the ability to implement special tax rules as required. For example, items within particular categories can be automatically flagged for full or partial exemption. Just talk to us and we will gladly help.