Reporting Features

We have been updating our reporting features, as you may have noticed.

So far we have updated the reports Auctions, Invoices, and Auction Customers. This was our first pass at these. We will be fine tuning the new reports as time goes by so if you have any suggestions for how to make them better please let me know. The Auction Customers report is the newest one and we are still actively working on it. Each of the new reports has the ability to show you some pretty interesting information about your online sales.

In the process of updating the reports we also ended up straightening out the administrative navigation a bit as well. From the new Auctions report/list page you can see that the menu options have been condensed behind the little gear icon in the Actions column. The menu options behind the gear are now synced up to the same menu items on the left hand side - the ones you see when you are in the admin area for a particular auction. And instead of having menu options appear only when they are relevant, options that are not relevant are grayed out but still in the same position.

The latest changes are also all in place at demo site,


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