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Mobile-Friendly Auction Websites

hare-643353_640.jpgIt was Christmas 2010 and my wife and I had two shiny new toys: a Samsung Galaxy S smartphone (me) and an Apple iPhone 4 (her). Like so many other people that Christmas, we spent hours downloading apps, connecting on social media, playing games, and taking pictures.

Back then we were delighted that our gadgets seemed so well-suited to browsing websites that were designed for desktop devices. We could pinch, drag, and double-tap to zoom in on our little screens.

Of course that’s all different now. Mobile browser use has overtaken desktop browsers and now even app use, according to research by Morgan Stanley. While it’s true that users still spend more time on apps once they are using them, the fact of the matter is that smartphone users of all stripes are more likely to use their internet browser rather than an app. Research shows that app downloads have peaked at about 50 apps per device and that users are not going to download an app for a business that they are only going to interact with occasionally.

Morgan Stanley research shows mobile browser use is twice as high as app use.

 While users may be prepared to spend hours playing Candy Crush, socializing on Facebook, or watching videos on YouTube, they are unlikely to download your app. They are far more likely to visit your website on their mobile device instead. This means that your website must be mobile-optimized to appeal to auction bidders and buyers.

The good news is that AuctionMethod’s hosted solution for auction websites provides website visitors with a rich mobile experience that is incredibly user-friendly.

With AuctionMethod’s mobile version, users can easily:

Register. A simple registration form allows mobile bidders to quickly register and activate a new account for the website.

Swipe. Swipe left or right to browse the pages of your online auction catalog, to switch between items, and to scroll through photo galleries.

Search. Find items in an auction catalog by keywords, sort the items in multiple ways, and filter by category.

Follow. Track items by adding them to a watchlist with other favorite items.

Bid Fast. Quickly place and modify bids with just a couple of taps of their finger.

Pay by Credit Card. View all invoices and make secure payments online with their credit cards.

Communicate. Users can control their email communication preferences, subscribe to your mailing lists, and contact your company directly.

In this YouTube video post, we will explore some of the ways AuctionMethod makes it easy for mobile website visitors to find auction items, place their bids, and make their payments. Enjoy this guided demonstration of the mobile website at