Managing Auction Consignors and Consignment Statements

Auction consignments are big business. For some auctioneers, it's their only business. Whether you occasionally accept consignments or make your living off of them, you need a solid system for managing consignors and the items they consign to your auctions. The latest version of the AuctionMethod online auction platform includes a robust consignor management system to meet that need. Let's check it out.

Create a New Consignor

Creating a new consignor account is simple and can be done at any stage in the auction process. In addition to the consignor's contact information, the following options are available for a new consignor account:

  • If you have a long term contract you can provide a contract expiration date
  • Assign a commission scale or a flat commission rate for consignor's sales
  • Specify a minimum commission amount for consignor's sales
  • Link consignor's account to existing users for preventing or tracking consignor buy-backs
  • Link consignor's account to an existing 'parent' consignor

You can also assign different permissions to new consignor accounts. These include:

  • Consignor can upload their own auction items
  • Consignor must approve or reject all bids, or submit a counter-offer
  • Track and/or prevent consignor buy-backs
  • View status of consigned items under “My Account”
  • Send consignor an email when their auctions are published to front page

Watch this YouTube demonstration video for adding new consignors to the AuctionMethod platform:

Consignor Management

Administrators can view consignor accounts and modify any of the information, options, and permissions available at any time. Consignor statements are automatically created after each auction. Administrators can modify the status of each statement, change the commission rates, and add special fees before printing, downloading, or emailing the statement to the consignor.

Watch this YouTube demonstration video about managing consignors and auction consignments on the AuctionMethod platform:

If you have any questions or suggestions for us about consignor management or any other feature of the AuctionMethod platform, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today.

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