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auction_news_image_about_esa_on_am_blog-620x484It has been a little over a year since we launched, a website dedicated to sharing the latest news about upcoming auctions. The site was originally designed to aggregate this news from email newsletters sent by auction companies that signed up for the service. It was a novel idea, but it didn’t get us as close to the goal of announcing every single auction as we wanted. So, we completely overhauled the site and the way we discover and announce upcoming auctions.

We now curate auction news for the website by monitoring the social media posts of the accounts we follow and selecting the highest quality content. Posts that include who/what/when/where are more likely to get promoted than generic posts like “We’ve got an auction coming up. Check it out.” Media-rich posts are MUCH more likely to get promoted, so be sure to start including pictures or videos in your Tweets and other social media posts.

If you’re on LinkedIn, you’re welcome to post auction announcements to the Every Single Auction group yourself. And if you’re on Reddit, then consider posting your auction news to the new r/everysingleauction sub-reddit. Posting to these groups yourself will greatly increase the chances of getting your content spread to the entire channel, which now includes: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Blogger, and Reddit. If you think we ought to be present on any other network, let us know!

You can also Tweet directly @EveryAuction and you’ll get a retweet and increased possibility of promotion.

If you have an RSS/XML feed for all of your auctions, then we are much less likely to miss any of your sales. Just send us an email with the link and we’ll add it to the mix. Similarly, you can email us links to all of your social media profiles to make sure that we’re following you everywhere.

The bottom line is this: The more active you are on the social networks, and the more you engage EverySingleAuction on those networks, the better your chances of getting your messages promoted.