Crescent City Auction Gallery in New Orleans Helps Local Artist

Hello auction fans and friends of AuctionMethod. Today we posted 21 auction announcements to Among them were newsletters announcing the upcoming real estate auctions of trophy properties that I hope to be able to afford one day. There were announcements about all kinds of other upcoming auctions as well - industrial equipment, cars, boats, and even an antique sewing machine. But one email in particular caught my attention. Crescent City Auction Gallery announced that they helped raise $32,000 dollars at a charity auction to benefit the living estate of New Orleans artist George Valentine Dureau.

Dureau was born in 1930 in New Orleans and attended Louisiana State University and received a BA in fine arts. He served briefly in the army and then worked in advertising and display until he could support himself as an artist. His art was mostly composed black-and-white photos or paintings in charcoal and oil. His subjects were mostly males and “often feature[d] street youths, dwarfs, and amputees” (Dureau, George (b. 1930)). He sometimes painted mythological scenes like his Three Maenads and a Centaur (1997).

Dureau was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and had to be moved to a nursing home. Crescent City Auction Gallery held a living estate auction featuring property and artwork as well as the property of some other Southern estates to help offset the costs. Here are some noteworthy works of art that were sold as well as the prices:


Sold for $2,965.50 at charity auction Sold for $2,965.50 at charity auction


Sold for $1,185 Sold for $1,185

(Pictures courtesy of Crescent City Auction Gallery)

The team here at ESA and AuctionMethod would like commend Crescent City Auction Gallery for their aid of the arts and generosity of spirit. You folks are awesome!

Crescent City Auction Gallery is a locally owned and operated auction house located in a historic building in downtown New Orleans, Louisiana. They focus primarily on selling local estates, fine art and pottery, jewelry, art glass, and American, English and Continental furniture. Visit their website to learn more about their live auctions and full suite of related services. If you live or visit the New Orleans area, attend one of their traditional open-outcry auctions or just stop by and say hello. Support them by liking their Facebook page too. Of course you can follow their auction announcements at ESA as well.

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