Consignor Feature Update

The consignor feature has been upgraded. Following is a description of the changes. The upgrade is optional. If you would like to use it, here are the changes you will see.

1. There is a new interface for managing consignors that you can access via a "Consignors List" link in the Main Admin Menu.
2. There is an option to select a consignor for an item when entering or editing the item. You can also add new consignors while you are adding items if needed.
3. When an auction has consignors there is a consignor section of the auction report where you can see all the information about the consignors and the items they consigned to the auction by clicking show details. You can also mark them as paid up for the auction.
4. When entering the percentage value for the consignor, this is the percentage that they get to keep. You can override this percentage on an item by item basis.
5. If you were already doing consignors before we will have attempted to make new consignor records out the existing users. You will need to check these out and make sure they look right to you and also edit each consignor to enter a default percentage that they get to keep from the sale.

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