Cataloging app update

The AuctionMethod Cataloging App has been updated with a new name!

Please see the information below about each version and any steps required. Contact our support department with questions at


Don’t worry! The current app on the Android device will continue to function without issue. But to receive future updates, the app must be reinstalled. The new app login information will be the same.

Follow these easy steps to update an Android device:

    1. Sync all data and images from the current app before continuing!
      This process will result in the loss of any un-synced data or images.
    2. Uninstall the current app on the device.
    3. Go to Google Play and search for Auctioneer Toolbox or click the link below:
      Auctioneer Toolbox
    4. Install the new Auctioneer Toolbox App


If using the AM Cataloging app on an iOS device, the app does not need re-installed. When the next update is received, whether manually or automatically if automatic updates are enabled, the app will update to the newest version.

Please note, the app name will change to Auctioneer Toolbox on the iOS device once the most recent update is applied.

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