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Business Continuity Assurance for Online Auctioneers

lifesaver-933560_1280.jpgData safety, website performance, and service continuity are key concerns for auctioneers who do business online. Given the time-sensitive nature of auction marketing, it is vital to plan and prepare for unexpected events before they happen.

The websites that we build and host become virtual business hubs for our customers. The website is where their bidders, buyers, consignors, affiliates, salespeople, auction managers, and other staff members all go to do their thing. If the website goes down or performs poorly, it will affect everyone. We take our responsibility for maintaining those websites very seriously and are dedicated to providing our clients with a resilient solution.

We focus our disaster prevention and recovery efforts on the two core components of our service: software and hosting.


The reliability and responsiveness of the bidding platform and auction management software is ensured by rigorous testing protocols and quick resolution of bug reports. Before we deploy any software to a customer’s web environment, including custom features, we perform comprehensive testing of the entire system using the customer’s unique website configuration and usage patterns. After passing our internal quality assurance testing, the software is deployed and fully tested again on the live site. The customer is encouraged to submit bug reports if they discover any issues and bug reports receive top priority from our development team. Fixes are quickly deployed. These are just some of the ways in which we maintain stable software that performs reliably across many websites.

For customers who are concerned about the continuity of their website operations in the unlikely event that we are no longer able to support them, we also offer Enterprise Licensing of the software. This license provides the customer with access to an up-to-date repository that contains the entire source code for their website, including all custom features. It also provides for perpetual licensing and gives the customer the right to host the website on other servers.


No matter how good the software for the auction website is, it will not perform well without the optimal server environment. Each of our customers has a unique hosting setup for their website that is designed to meet their needs while guaranteeing 99.9% uptime. We also offer multiple options for backup and recovery, which provide further additional assurance of uninterrupted availability and performance:

  • Daily server and database backups are performed for all websites
  • Daily database and image backups stored in separate data centers
  • Dual web servers that are mirrored for failover protection and increased capacity
  • Dual database servers that are mirrored for failover protection
  • Realtime monitoring of application and server environment with downtime alerts

If you are looking for a reliable website solution for your auction business, you can you can trust the software and website hosting services provided by AuctionMethod to ensure the greatest continuity for your online sales.