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.BID Domain Names for Online Auctioneers


Introducing .BID Top Level Domain Names

AuctionMethod has been on a buying spree for .BID domain names lately. Once you get to know this NEW domain suffix a little better, you will understand why we have already purchashed more than 100 of these names and plan to get even more. Scroll down to download our list of domains for sale, and a special offer for companies that are looking for the right auction website solution to go with one of those names.

The new .BID Top Level Domain (TLD) is a short, easy, and instructive domain name suffix that is intended for use specifically by online auctioneers. It provides auction companies with a relevant virtual space that buyers and sellers will find easy to remember.

Key benefits of a .BID TLD domain:

  • dedicated namespace
  • clear message
  • search engine optimization
  • drives the right kind of traffic


Why .BID?

The use of a .BID domain improves online searches as buyers and sellers are more easily able to identify the content of relevance to them, which in turn drives website traffic and increasing participation in the auction process. A .BID domain name for your website distinguishes it from other generic ecommerce-related content found across the Internet, making it easier for people to understand that the website is all about auctions.

Watch this video by Rob McCrea, who is the Senior Registrar Account Manager at Famous Four Media about why .BID is the right domain for online auctions:

Get your .BID domain:

To buy your own .BID domain, we recommend using The domains only cost $23 (USD) for the first year, which is a good deal cheaper than some of the other registrars.

So far, AuctionMethod has purchased more than 100 of these domains, 79 of which are available for sale at the time of posting. Some of the great names we have acquired include,,, and


Special Offer: Sign up for service from AuctionMethod and choose any available domain names on this list for your new auction website. This offer is good while domain names last.