Auction of U.S. Official Stationary from Civil War Era

Today we have a special treat for you stamp collectors out there. Somehow Fairfield Auction, billed as Connecticut's leading auctioneer of antiques & fine art, managed to get their hands on some really cool U.S. Official Postal Stationary. They are selling Civil War era unused Reay and Plimpton envelopes with official US War Department stamps on them, some of which are estimated to be worth up to $10,000. All but one lot from this auction was found in a steamer trunk that had been untouched since 1893. The trunk belonged to Jacob Shindell (1829-95), who worked for the Treasury Department during and after the American Civil War. Jacob was quite the philatelist, collecting tons of official stamps and stationary. Some of these are so fascinating that even I, as a person who likes coins, can appreciate them. Here are some of my favorites, pictures courtesy Fairfield Auctions:


12¢ War Dept. Stamped Envelope


15¢ War Dept. Stamped Envelope


U.S. Postal Service Stamped Envelope

The best part of this is that all or any of these collectible stamps and stationary can be yours. Fairfield Auction is selling more than 100 lots, many in large groups, by online auction on July 21 11:00 am EST. So if you like stamps, get into a competitive mood, get your credit cards out, and head over to the Postal Envelope Auction from the Estate of Jacob A. Shindel. If you would like to know more about Fairfield Auction, check out their website, Facebook page, or browse their newsletters at

Of course Fairfield Auction is not the only auction company on that is selling awesome stuff... there are more than 200 other auctioneers selling everything from jewelry and collectibles to heavy equipment and real estate.

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